High-fat? Low-fat? Is sugar bad? What's the best diet? Should I be taking supplements? Do I need a detox diet?

NutriSearch provides you high-quality, scientific, evidence-based information for all your nutrition questions.

The internet is a swirling mass of contradictory and misleading nutrition information — so how can you separate the good from the bad?

NutriSearch was created to help people connect with scientifically accurate and accessible nutrition information. When using NutriSearch, you will only receive results from websites whose content has been screened and vetted.

We then program the search engine to display links solely from these sources. A partial list of the over 2,500+ included sites and articles can be seen here

Always keep in mind that no one source is beyond reproach — you should think critically about everything you read, even if you find it using NutriSearch.

If there is a website you think should be in the NutriSearch index, shoot me an email and let me know